Ideas for writers block

ideas for writers block

My 7 top ideas for writers block. 7 brilliant writers block solutions even a cat can use.

And since I am a cat, I will just prove you that!


1 How to overcome writers block


My most simple solution to get my brain back on track is to take a big rest. I retreat in my favorite cozy place and well, 9 hours later my writers block is history.

If you haven’t 9 hours to kill, read the following tip inspired by DaddyP‘s socks…


2 Go take a shower


A good shower is not only good for cleaning your body, it works similar on cleaning your brain. Unfortunately this works better for humans than for cats, as it takes me also about 9 hours to lick-shower my entire chubbiness…


3 If you ever find yourself with writers block


As simple as it gets: go to your best human friend and ask how she does things. Ellie will tell you in her 101 Great Posting Ideas how she gets rid of writers block in a myriad of ways you can do at home as well.


4 If you have a subject and your mind went blank


You have a subject in your mind but you just can’t get started? Then just imagine you are talking to auntie Droopy, that’s the old lady next door who doesn’t know about blogging but really wants to know everything you have been doing from dust till dawn.

Imagine she asks you "What, Who, Where, When, How" about your subject and start writing pretending answering her.


5 If you don’t even have a subject in mind


You could wonder why you want to write in the first place when you don’t know what to write.

I know, silly teachers love to do that with students, but why would you want to become a student again? It’s your own blog and you do what you want when you want it.

What do you do if you don’t have anything decent to say in real life? You simply keep quiet, unless your name is Omarosa and all you can utter is trash-talk. In that case I assume writers block wont be an issue for you…


writers block help

In this charity event Omarosa talks trash all the time

but doesn’t manage to get a single penny for charity…

You don’t always need to be talking nor writing!


6 Post a link to a post your readers will love to read


If it’s because you have writer’s block?

Or you do know what to write about but somebody else covers your topic much better!

Than just put a link to the other post like my human did yesterday here:

How Ultimate Geek Girl makes money online


7 Ask or Answer Questions


This is my human’s favorite method to start a conversation: if she doesn’t know something, she will ask.


Same idea you can use in your blog in 2 ways!


  1. Just ask people what they would have loved to see on the post you are trying to write having writers block. Of course you don’t tell them you are having writers block 😈 .
  2. The opposite also works: answer questions other bloggers are asking in their blog. But don’t answer it in a comment on their blog, answer it in a post on your blog. Then use "trackback" to automatically comment on the question of the other blogger.


Answering a question is exactly what I am doing now. I am answering Kevin’s question What do you do when you get Bloggers-Block?.

The answer is simple: you answer his question with these 7 Ideas for writers block.