Ida Nerina & Fauzi Nawawi scandal

Trying to outperform the Edison Chen Scandal in Hong Kong, Malaysia does better with their own Ida Nerina & Fauzi Nawawi scandal…

ida nerina biography

Ida Nerina Biography

Ida Nerina Biography

Unlike famous Edison Chen, we need to help you a bit about Ida Nerina’s personality…

Ida Nerina is a Malaysian actor that started winning Best Actress prizes from 1994 onwards.

She did her studies overseas at International University-Europe, Watford, England: majoring in Business Administration BSc. in 1991.

Ida Nerina & Fauzi Nawawi scandal

Ida Nerina & Fauzi Nawawi scandal: fake?

Ida Nerina & Fauzi Nawawi scandal

Almost around the same time the Edison Chen scandal broke out, a 10-minute video clip spread the Internet supposedly to be Ida Nerina and Fauzi Nawawi doing what Edison does best.

Yet the question here was: is it really Ida Nerina or is it a look alike?

ida nerina

Ida Nerina

Now try to be the judge here: you have 3 pictures of Ida Nerina above: if you never saw the actress before, would you have guessed that it was 3 times her in the picture?

So you can imagine what guessing work is happening behind the scenes…

Ida Nerina needs a lawyer Malaysian style 😉

Unfortunately not like the video from Ella and Jojie who pledged a police report saying it was not them in their so called video scandal, Ida Nerina didn’t do anything. (Maybe because it isn’t her and she only saw the video now… makes perfect sense to me!).

But don’t forget this happens in Malaysia: a country where recently another scandal broke loose: taping a lawyer trying to bribe a judge and when asking the lawyer VK Lingam: is this you? His answer was: it sure looks like me, sounds like me, but I am not sure if it is me…

We strongly advice Ida Nerina to take this lawyer and also get away with it 🙂 It’s sad that in a democracy “approved by Bush” (unlike not approved Cuban Fidel Castro), we cannot even judge a judge… 🙁


  1. Ida Nerina says

    I suggest you do not make presumptions on my dignity please. I HAVE in fact made a police report and if you continue to tag me to this distasteful video, you WILL be embarassed by your lack of integrity.
    Yes, i DO look different in various photos. Yes, I Love the beach and diving.
    No, the video is not fake, it is just SOMEONE ELSE!

    Because, NO, video-ing myself is NOT my thing. NO, it doesn’t even look like me. Nor does she sound like me. Because I am NOT the person in that video.
    So PLEASE stop trying to investigate, when you are not willing to go further to find out the truth. Or pull your resources and help me get the truth out there !

    Thank you.
    ida nerina

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