Ice9web (^_^) Emo Kitten

click meI am looking for new blogs,

and in stead of using Stumble Upon,

I go through the comments of these blogs:

Why surfing through pet owner’s blogs? Because people that have extra love for pets, most likely also have other love like… linky love 🙂

emo kittenSo I Stumbled Upon or should I say "Petled Upon" an Emo Kitten…

For the guys like Alvin Phang: the poster of this emo kitten is still single, cute and knows a lot about IT, Internet marketing and web development 🙂

And even when sick, she is outmost creative!

She is also a graphic designer, and she is using a very beautiful and fast loading blogger template, for those of you that are trying to make money online using a free platform…

It’s not only beautiful, it’s made by her!

By the way… did you notice that guys have dogs and girls have cats?

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