IBackup online, do you?

I just installed my new computer and got all my old data re-installed in a second!

i backup

Actually I keep a backup of my data online at IDrive : an Online Storage service of IBackup. As you can see in the above picture: my data looks as if it is on my computer, but actually it is on the IDrive server on the Internet.

What is this better than any "normal" backup? Because now I can get hold of my data worldwide without having to worry carrying back-up CD’s.

On top of that I can update my online files just by drag-n-drop any recent modified file: no need for re-burning another CD.

Go and try out 5GB free online storage and explore the many other useful online storage features now.


  1. Jennifer says

    For online backup news, information and articles, there is an excellent website:


    This site lists more than 400 online backup companies and ranks the top 25 on a monthly basis.

    Any one can add their company in the directory. Just click on the “Search” button found at the top. Also the site features CEO spotlight.


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