I want to make money, how to make money?

We got a broad question from Gurry over at our pink "How to start a blog" site, where you can ask all your questions and we will answer them!

Since this is a question about making money, of course we tackle it here 🙂

How to make money

This is a broad question, so we will condense everything in one post, which means for deeper explanations about making money, please ask a more specific question!

1. Let money make more money

  • buy wisdom and use it to your benefit!
  • buy a product and resell it
  • buy a few products, recombine them and sell it (buy water, sugar and fruit and sell it as marmalade)
  • put your money in a savings account
  • put your money in funds
  • put your money in the stock market but make sure you know what you are doing, otherwise go for funds
  • pay others to do the work for you and sell their product or service

2. Work hard for the money

  • get a dayjob
  • start blogging and make money online
  • combine the above: get a dayjob and start blogging during office hours to make money online 😈

3. Try your luck

  • buy a lottery ticket
  • look for a dollar bill in your socks (yes, most likely you will be as lucky here as when buying a lottery ticket 🙂 )

4. Do things that are not allowed

Unfortunately there are a lot of ways to make money illegally. They look attractive but you risk your freedom. Buying a lottery ticket you only risk your money.

Once you have made your money, you need to spend it wisely. The main killer for your personal wealth are credit cards charging you a ridiculous high amount of interest.

Make sure you earn money for yourself and not for the bank!

How to make money online

In short you can go through the list of 4 money makers above and use it to make money online.

We are making money doing most of the work ourselves and sometimes we ask other people to do the work for us: they write a post for us and most likely they will add their link in their post. If you feel your website can use some extra advertisement and buzz, just write a post and leave a comment over at How to start a blog.

Then I make easy money using the following recommended money makers:

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog Make Money Online: buy links sell links Text Link Ads

All let you add some code on your blog so you will show some kind of advertisement.

Linkworth and Smorty also let you write posts for money.

Read a few more methods about how to make money online.

Buy Wisdom to make more money fast

If you want to learn how to set up a WordPress blog that attracts lots of visitors, buy Make money fast blogging with Atomic Blogging secrets.

If you want to make money online without the hassle of maintaining a blog, buy Make money online writing only articles on Squidoo: no blog needed!


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