I Stumbled Upon a Free Dating Website in Canada

I grew up in British Columbia, very near to the American border, most weekends my parents would drive me across the border and we would get our shopping done over there. America had everything! All the good malls and restaurants, the biggest movie theatres and a chucky cheese around every corner.

It almost sucked growing up in Canada because we didn’t have anything. But today, that’s not longer the case. Last night while searching for a free dating website in Canada, I turned up some results, some awesome results. Its nice to know that there are some free dating websites in Canada because it proves that Canadians don’t really have it all that bad. The site I found was home brewed and it had an easy drinking taste, I created an account and within minutes I was searching through the database of single members. Who knew that Canada would have a free dating website. Its fantastic. Its lame that when you log onto a free dating website and 75%+ of the members are all in towns you’ve never even heard of.

A free dating website in Canada is a breath of fresh air and it just shows that someone out there is looking after us, providing us with some privileges that only a few years ago we didn’t have access to.

I’ve only been on this Canadian free dating website for one day, but I’m positive that it will help me find someone. Someone local! I’m just really excited that I have found a free dating website in Canada. I mean I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, but I am just thrilled. I am rambling now so I’ll end this here,

Thanks for giving us a free dating website in Canada, its really great.

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