i have a girlfriend kissing and dating tips?

i am 16 and i have a girlfriend. we have been going out for 2 months and i was wondering who lays on who while kissing and any good kissing tips. i would also like to now good place to bring her on a date. please answer.


  1. invite her to a super 8

  2. Krazigrl16927 says

    movies or putt putt, out to dinner.

  3. Neverbeenkissed. says


  4. That poor girl. Just be natural! Its supposed to be fun so just do whatever comes natural to you at the moment dont stress it.

  5. guy lays on girl usually. Just pucker up boy and let it be natural! lol.

    but you don’t want to strain your lips, or “try” to make it feel good because nobody likes rock-solid lips. Be gentle and relaxed when your kissing her.

    And… first date? I’d say movies or something cheesy like that. Scary works best lol.

    Any other date maybe a nice restaurant or something. Wherever you go, make sure you pay!

  6. standbyme says

    maybe she won’t say and maybe she won’t admit it, but i bet you she’d be happy if you let her be innocent from kissing etc. until she got married. and it’ll make ur friendship pure if there’s no kissing etc in your friendship. it will make your marriage relationship even better.

    imagine looking at your wife and thinking i’ve kissed other girls besides her. what would she think? would she be happy? what if you give her AIDS cause you did that before marriage?

  7. ‘Bob’ is a great name for a 16-year-old.

  8. treat her like crap. she will love you more

  9. Brunett outside, blonde inside says

    Go out to dinner at a nice bufett place, no themes. Then, take her to ur place or something. Be really romantic. When u start kissin, just see how it goes. Don’t rush things or anything or shell feel pressured.

  10. aelita000000 says

    i don’t really know where you will kiss her but go to this site it will really help you with the kiss 😛


  11. ok first of all it doesnt really matter who lays on who while kissing. But she prob should lay on u cuz if ur bigger than her u might hurt her. And second of all i think u should take her to ur house so u can make her dinner and after dinner u can go to bed.

  12. springhowert says

    okay one usualy the guy wont lay on the girl, if you in bed to gether you might be partialy on top of her but unless your fucking her dont put you whole body on her usualy guys are bigger and way alot mor ethen there girlfriends so you dont want her to ask you to get off of you itwould kill the mood, a good kissing tip is dont get to into it at first make her want you more dude if you start getting real sierius real fast it will turn her off, girls love ice skating and the movies, but if she isnt like in your group of friends hangout with your friends and introduce her to them girls love that for some reason. uh hangin out at her house i good too because if you make a good impression on her parents the first couple times you go over they will trust you with there daughter thats usualy realy important, uh you might want to include how far you two have gone sofar it would help my help you more

  13. abbscarface says

    You’re the man, you make the move. Take her to the movies or a nice quiet park, then talk to her for a little bit and make your move. =]

  14. the guy is on bottom when u start but some times they end up on top and make shure u chew minty gum before u do it she doesn’t want to tate what u ate cause that is nasty. 4 places to go I would go bowling then go to red lobster or apple bees but no fast food places like bk ar McDonald’s girls usually hate those places when ur on a date

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