I don’t know how to start dating again. Any tips other than internet dating?

I have 3 school age children and they seem prepared for mom to start dating again. But just in case, I want to make sure I don’t make a mistake during this process of finding a sexual relationship because my kids come first.


  1. ashley madison.com or email me, i love older women, truly. and i totaaly love kids.

  2. My dad died two years ago and my mother went to church non stop afterwards. She met this guy there and seems happy. You might try that!

  3. plg19632000 says

    When you meet a guy, tell him you have kids and they come first. Also tell him that you want to take things slow, because its been awhile. But I wouldn’t look for just a sex partner,bringing home too many guys can screw up the kids. Find someone compatable with you and the kids.

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