I bad girl

i bad girl

Unless you love grabbing boobs like the guy does with Cecilia Cheung in the above picture, you don’t want to date an Asian girl that writes : "I bad girl" in her online profile.


If you want an Asian wife and are into Asian online dating, don’t bother to reply to Asian girls that write things like " I bad girl" or "me love do bad things".


Not to mention you will never be able to make a decent conversation with your Asian girl, you could easily end up like bad girl Cecilia Cheung: divorced because she was caught being bad in last year’s Cecilia Cheung Edison Chen scandal:


cecilia cheung scandal pics

First of the Cecilia Cheung scandal epics and out a police uniform: "I bad girl" and quite some drunk eyes.


cecilia cheung pak chi

Another Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi tattoo picture captured by Edison Chen.


Making my point:


  • if you want to party: look for Asian personals that included pictures with beer or sentences like "I bad girl"
  • if you want to marry an Asian girl, don’t respond to "I bad girl" Asian singles. You don’t want your Asian match end up in somebody other’s bed like Cecilia Cheung did with Edison Chen in the midst of her relation with Nicolas Tse.


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