I’m Having Fun at the Free Dating Sites

Free dating sites are a great infusion between tradition and technology, no longer are we forced to find someone the old fashioned way, (taking them out to a dance) but we now sit in the privacy and comfort of our own home. Free dating sites allow us to discover the people we want to meet before actually having to meet them, and if youâ??re as shy and unconfident as I am, thatâ??s a huge bonus!

Free dating sites have really opened up my options, Iâ??ve been on 3 physical dates since I first logged onto a free dating site and started surfing the inter-web, but those three dates were magical.

The first person I met on a free dating site was Jen, a waitress at a local family restaurant, we didnâ??t have very much chemistry in person, but we still had fun mini golfing and now we continue to be friends via free dating site. Then I met Kelly, she was a great chess player, we had a few matches, and then went out for dinner. The date ended well but we both decided it would be best if we remained friends via free dating site.

The final person I met on a free dating site was Sam, she was the most beautiful of all, and I couldnâ??t believe she was willing to go on a date with me. I wanted so badly to plan something special for us to do so she would have fun and want to see me again. So I resorted to asking my friend Darren. The funniest, most out-going person youâ??ll ever meet. He thought it was ridiculous to meet a girl on a free dating site, but I showed him Samâ??s picture and he signed up instantly. Anyways, Darren helped me plan an awesome party at his house; he said that he would throw the party in my name so I would get credit for it, but that I could bring Sam as my date!

The night went off without a hitch! Sam and I had a blast, and Darrenâ?¦ well, he has a messy house to clean up! Sam and I continue to chat on the free dating site, and we are scheduling another date!

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