Hypnotica PUA – An Evening With Hypnotica w/ Michelle Bombshell McGee

eveningwithhypnotica.com Learn to seduce women quickly from this strip club owner and one of the top Pickup Artists in the world… Hypnotica (aka Rasputin from Neil Strauus’ book “The Game”). http


  1. OneQuarkMore says

    your video is quite interesting. as a woman, it’s nice to see your way of self help.
    good luck.
    jane in nyc

  2. SurfAlien2 says

    I used to be a real douche when it came to women. I believed that if I was the nice guy then I would have a edge on all the others. Was I ever wrong. There is a difference between being nice and being needy.

  3. twobeavers says

    Not all women want the unobtainable. If she wants happiness she must find a balance. Having to chase your man constantly becomes a continual game filled with drama. I like the brownie/salad way of thinking lol…xo

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