How your booty can attract fresh visitors

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Gwen Stefani Booty Pics

Linda has a post going on that asks you where your visitors come from. I suggest you join in, as we can all learn from each other AND she will post your attribution big time on a big time blog!

So I have this website called: Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape since April 2007, and it made me a whopping 14.27$, that means, I have my domainname paid back 🙂

Seems a lot of people are Googling for the following:

gwen stefani booty pics

Gwen Stefani Booty Pics

So, it’s just because Linda wants to know, otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned 🙂

The most visitors come from:

  • 55% of the visitors reach the page through bookmark or direct
  • 30% of the fresh visitors arrive through search engines looking for Gwen Stefani Booty Pics and I have only Gwen Stefani sexy pics or Gwen Stefani in a bikini… yet Gwen Stefani takes her booty everywhere she goes, so I think my visitors must be quite happy anyways…
  • 10% come from Linky Love , from those rare moments like now I brag a bit about the lovely outmost sexy Gwen Stefani wallpaper you can download or watch her other sexy fashionable Gwen Stefani Clothes.

Please comment where your visitors come from, so we can learn from each other!

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