How you can teach ESL English in Korea!

earn money teachingSince I love to educate people and my blog only earns $25 a month, I might as well start teaching ESL in Korea. And so can you! I already once in Malaysia have been teaching Korean housewives ESL and that was quite fun!

But where to go for a job-offer in Korea? Who can you trust? Well, you go to a Restohof. This is a community place where people normally meet up to eat and chat in Korea. Restohof is exactly that and more:

  • they gather jobs from Dave’s ESL Café, the ESL Teacher’s Board, and Seoul Craigslist
  • people can vote if the job-offer is good "go ahead" or if the job-offer stinks "grudge"

This is ideal for us foreigners looking for a job in Korea: only consider jobs that have a high "go ahead" rate, so you can feel safe that you get what you are looking for.

For those not familiar with Asia: we do love communities and helping each other out, so if you look for a job in Korea and be part of a helping community, visit Restohof!

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