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elena solomonDear single guy looking for more action in the coming days around new year …

Let’s face it: lonely nights suck.
Even lonely dinners suck.

Dating sites and dating education

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Who is sexy Elena Solomon?

elena solomonUnlike the common answer to "what do women want" : "…the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate…" Elena Solomon can give you more concrete answers + concrete steps to get what you want: both in love as in life.

Elena Solomon is a cute blond so you can imagine she must have heard all the pick-up lines that don’t work 🙂

A real good quote from her book how to pick up sexy chicks :

    Generally, women want many things, including hot gossip and Italian shoes, but as far as men-women relationships are concerned, this is the one and the only women’s request:

    They want strong, powerful, overwhelming EMOTIONS.

    They want to be swept off their feet.

    If you manage to deliver THAT, all other women’s desires and requirements become irrelevant: money, looks, height, education, status, or anything else men habitually put on the list of desired attributes – NONE of this really matters.

    YES! A woman can fall hopelessly in love with a man who isn’t good looking, doesn’t have money, doesn’t have education, who is short, bald and old, as long as he manages to deliver these powerful EMOTIONS that women are craving.

johnny deppNow
Linky Love believes that the 2 men who:

… must be called Brat Pitt or Johnny Depp 🙂

Learn why are some men so successful with women

Because they understand the universal language of love. In stead of reading books about psychology, or learning romantic languages like French: you only need to

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Have you ever met a man who had seemingly unexplainable success with women?

He wasn’t the best looking guy, he wasn’t the smartest, and he wasn’t the richest either – but somehow the most beautiful women were putty in his hands?

  • Have you ever wondered, how on earth he manages to get it right?
  • Have you ever wished you could be a bit like him – so you could approach any woman you desire and spark an attraction?
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