How you can make a blog – Sign up now – New Online LL Course!

how to make a blog

From zero to 10.000 unique visitors in less than 10 months?

That’s exactly what Linky Love did in less than 10 months, December 2007 and you can learn from us how to do that!


Feel free to sign up for our new "How to make a Blog" -course teaching you all about how to make a blog for fun or to make money online.


You will quickly learn :


  • how to create a blog
  • how your domainname can attract extra visitors easily
  • how you can monetize your blog
  • how you can reach a big readership
  • how to keep enjoying blogging


Members will also be able to


  • buy already existing websites with existing visitors
  • buy recently registered domains that will rank high in the search engines fast


This course with an online class of ten sessions will start on August 1st 2008.


You will be able to ask all your questions and we will teach you how you can find answers to your questions quickly.


All what we ask from you is that you comment regularly and help out your fellow students:


together you learn faster and more!


If you want to join our course, please leave a comment and tell us about yourself and what exactly you want to learn.