How you can help children

One of my favourite charities is Children’s Hunger Fund providing aid to poor and hungry children all across America, and throughout the world.

Children’s Hunger Fund charity was established in 1991 and has provided aid to children in more than 70 countries worldwide. The current President of this charity is Mr David K Philipps.

Foods are distributed to various homes of families in Food Paks that contain nutritional food that has been packed by thousands of compassionate families. This has provided hope for many poor children and without this aid would mean having to go hungry.

Under this program, Food Paks have been delivered to Peru, Uganda, Philippines and Latin America.

  • In Uganda, under the Children’s Hunger Fund, bicycles are provided to trained volunteers to deliver the food to the needy children in the remote regions.
  • In Peru, “tuks tuks” are used instead to facilitate the delivery of Food Paks.

Thousands of volunteers give up their time to help prepare the foods, package them and distribute them via extensive network of generous and caring ministries, companies and individuals alike. Their contribution is priceless and heartwarming without which many children will be deprived of a basic need.

In addition to this, during the holiday season, thousands of toys are wrapped and sent to the children worldwide to bring them some holiday cheer.

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