How you and Google win-win in making money online

make money online google

See the green square at the left bottom of Google? That’s where you end up when you do all your SEO right: way down below the paid links!!!

What will you learn today? How a little money well spent will make you more money online than doing all for free.


How much is your time worth?

I saw a tea-lady in Survivor China claiming she made 7$ an hour…

Are you making less than her?

Yes? Wouldn’t it be better to go and look for a job as a tea-lady?


There is no such thing as free time! Every second you are typing or reading should make you money in the short or long run!


Set a simple target


You need to set a target for yourself how much you want to earn an hour.


For example: Linky Love is making 200$ a month. That’s why my writing is reduced to only 10 posts a month!

That’s $20 for 1 post. That quite good if you know what paid to blog services like Smorty or Linkworth pay you for a post.

Why $200? Because after months of blogging $200 seemed to be the most I could earn for the least time blogging on this blog. If I would work harder for this blog, I might as well start serving tea and earn more 🙂


Pay little for lots of visitors


Yes, you can get free traffic to your blog if you know about SEO, Internet Marketing and the kind… But even when you think you are number 1 in Google: look at the image above: the green block is the free SEO section, the rest are people paying for having their link on top.


If you want your link on top of Linky Love right now,
tip $10 here to see more traffic coming to your site.


I have been promoting Atomic Blogging which for a fee will teach you how to get loads of free traffic from SEO and Internet marketing… But why pay more if you can get most of this information for free in these sign up to download 25 FREE Make Money Online eBooks.


On top of that: SEO takes time, advertising is instant!


That’s why I advice to go for instant traffic through advertising.


Where do you advertise


You advertise:


  • where it is cheap AND
  • where your ad is useful

It’s clear to put your diapers ad on a site for young mothers and not on a site about drug rehab.


Now I can hear you say: but I am not selling diapers, so it’s more difficult for me to choose the right site… Simple: switch on your TV and read magazines to find out where ads about your product show up. That’s where you add your ads 🙂


Linky Love visitors are interested in:


  • making money online, SEO, Internet Marketing
  • gossip, sexy girls, celebrities
  • new bloggers on the block


If you have products targeting the above, then add your link here and now. And as you can see, most ads are exactly for the people I just mentioned Linky Love is attracting. Job well done 🙂


If you have other products, go to other blogs and compare at prices. To have an idea: Linky Love links cost $10 and show for about 6 months, so that’s 0.05$ a day for showing your link. Be aware: there are people charging much, much more. Always try out cheap links first on sites that have an audience that’s interested in your product.


Pay Per Click


Nothing more honest than a link you only pay for when somebody clicks on it. This is how Google makes lots of money online. You do pay premium prices to join their network. Bidvertiser is a much cheaper alternative.


Whatever you do, if you are new at paying money to get visitors: go for the lowest link prices available.

Test and keep testing until you get enough visitors to cover your advertising expenses.


If you have more questions about how to make money online, please ask!