How to write a good online dating profile

how to write a good online dating profile

how to write an online dating profile

One of the 2 girls above knows exactly how to write a good online dating profile, can you tell us which one and why?


Why do people write online dating profiles?


Dough, to get a date!




The correct answer should be:


To get a successful date!


Why dating the first online dating profile is difficult


The lady in the first picture knows how to pose, looks good and will surely get contacted.


But what the heck can you write to her except that, well, she looks good in a picture?


You are completely stuck because you don’t have a clue:


  • what she likes,
  • what work she does (if she has a job in the first place),
  • what she does in her free time.


Why dating the second online dating profile is easier


Because you know her already a bit:


  • the 2 pictures at the edges shows you her body and her face
  • the 2 pictures in the middle tells you she has an office job but plays a good ball of tennis


Isn’t it much easier to break the ice with a person you know already a bit? Of course it is.


That’s why an online dating profile that’s written for success should be filled with:


  • honesty
  • passion
  • pictures
  • fun and
  • stories that illustrate all aspects of your personality


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