How to sweet talk a girl

How to sweet talk a girl

5 great tips to attract or keep a girl in your arms. If you know how to sweet talk a girl, you will find out that love doesn’t have to cost you a bomb.


Always remember that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but you want to be more than just a friend!


The 5 tips below are all about observing your girl and telling her how you notice her, without scaring her off as if you were a stalker or an FBI agent.


5 ways to sweet talk a girl


1. How about telling her you love her?


When was the last time you used the words "I love you"? It is important to tell your loved one you love her every now and again. Of course she already knows you love her, but it does need to be repeated to make her feel even more wanted and special.




Literary: always kiss her hello and goodbye. Before going to work, when coming back in the evening, when you arrive and she is napping: always enter with a kiss!


3. Flowers


The greatest way to "sweet talk" is sending your girl flowers delivered in her office! That way she will be the centre of attention and all the other girls in the office will be so jealous of her romantic partner. Of course write some sweet romantic words on the card and put lots of kisses as usual.


4. Pay her compliments


Make sure to notice when your girl has been shopping and bought some new shoes, fragrance, moisturizer or went to the hair dresser. Especially focus on the hair dresser : notice when she has had a new hair style! Same goes for new shoes and more obvious a new dress.


5. Be Spontaneous


Don’t learn some sweet talk phrases by hearth and fire them randomly. But do let her know how you feel: does she make you feel good inside, did she become part of your life you can’t live without with… Say how good you feel and of course how she is causing you to feel that way!


Knowing how to sweet talk a girl is actually listening to how she makes you feel and telling it to her.


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