How To Stop Being Nervous Around Girls In 1 Min!

Learn How To Attract Women And Never Freeze Up Again In this short video Shy Guy’s Coach Stephan from explains his “Shy Stop Switch” Technique which ANYONE can use to stop being nervous in under a minute whenever you find yourself getting nervous around attractive girls you want to approach or chat up! All you need to do is follow three easy steps, practise the simple process in your mind and with people and remember to do it to stop your shyness or nervousness from affecting you when you approach or meet girls! There is more to learn when you get the “Stop Dating Nerves Report”. For that go to and sign up for the free newsletter. There you can get first hand answers to the most important questions you may well have in common with other shy or introvert men who email me and get their answers in my newsletter.


  1. UROCKMYSOX249 says

    Sorry i’m not a dude or anything, but i can tell that Stephan is probably a killer with the ladies! he is so hot. this guy has good tips

  2. stephanerdman says

    @ghostbusters1235 Hi it’s Stephan here. Note that I didn’t say “when you’re nervous try to calm down and try to relax”. My guess is you didn’t actually practise the 3 steps exactly as I described them. I know it will be a new reaction to “nervousness” or “fear” to think of the opposite and then really focus on making others feel that opposite way…but once you really get it it should do the trick. My advice is to practise the process over and over in your mind in low pressure situations first.

  3. Beekyskeep says

    @christpunchers that’s sad

  4. RunerRacerPeniguin5 says

    Genius! Man oh man! I feel so good now, way more confondent! Thank You!!

  5. jamjuice1a says

    Lol I bet the population is increasing because of you Stephan.

  6. MrChainsawFish says

    i really like how he talks like its one-on-one instead of everyone on the planet

  7. anzac2404 says

    Your vids have certainly been of a great help to me; getting over some bad sh-t that has happened to me in the last couple of years, its good to get a different look on things to see where I can make changes….God knows I need to LOL.

    So thanks again for all of your advice, cheers mate.
    Fair weather & a safe journey!

  8. as an academic, i am curious about the roots of this method; it is quite clever!

  9. ghostbusters1235 says

    I appreciate the advice Stephan, but what do I do if my fear outweighs thinking the opposite. I want to ask a girl out, but I literally am frozen with an immense amount of fear that I can’t move. I try and calm down and try to relax, but my fear continues. How can I solve this? Is there another strategy I can try?

  10. GeetarAdam says

    Very true. The best way to stop being self-conscious is to be conscious of others instead.

  11. Highgradeeverday says

    I think there is something wrong with me. I have a high success rate with woman( like 95%) but i’m still afraid to approach woman.) i think its because i’m only average height ).

  12. christpunchers says

    I use people. Period.

  13. NeverMind88888 says

    All you gotta do is start the convo. Don’t think, just do. This is a very good motto when initiating anything, be it homework, and/or talking to a girl. If you don’t overanalyse what could happen if you started the convo, and you just started it as you would talk to your friend (you don’t feel shy next to friends), you’ll be very satisfied because you’ll see that the result of that step will make her say something back, making you feel more comfortable. DON’T THINK, JUST DO.

  14. yes very helpful but how can i start to talk to the girl that i am dateing when im “Nervous” when im around her

  15. adanoreyes says

    of course!!!!

  16. This is good. I just wish you would have given a realistic example, I don’t think I’m understanding how to go about the third step.

  17. Adamkhang18 says

    TY for da advice I’m going to try it out your a genius

  18. MrGoodcap says

    have i told you that you sir, are a genious?

  19. musicashiningeagle says

    this is because most of europeans are cold ..that’s why they are tring to learn the oppsite but i wanna learn to be colddddd and so cold…..cuz i loosed everything because im hot and passioned and this is doesnt work in marraige espcially with an european

    i will subscribe and im waiting for your reply see ya
    and nice video by the way

  20. this is just awesome!!

  21. hyperpepper says

    True. I have noticed that he seems to follow whenever I say or do something first. Thanks for taking time to answer my question.

  22. stephanerdman says

    Hyper it’s Stephan here.
    Your question doesn’t seem to be related to the content of the video.
    But just to say my experience is that a lot of couples have a hard time discussing deep issues, being romantic/intimate…and if it’s not intimate or deep enough for you then you are just going to have to bring it up. My guess is you’re the one that wants more of the depth and intimacy…so go for it by taking the first step…when you do..often the other one follows. Stephan

  23. cursedmarkitachi3 says

    pure genius

  24. cursedmarkitachi3 says

    pure genius

  25. hyperpepper says

    How do I deal with this if both my boyfriend and I are equally as shy? We’re both pretty introverted and have a hard time discussing deep issues, being romantic/intimate, etc.

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