How to score on the first date!

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  1. ihatehatershaters says

    the bests clothes for you to wear are:

    none at all!!!

  2. FrenulumBlues says

    For superficial relationships, one-night-stands, or short-term flings, girls have it easier than guys.

    For deeper long-term relationships, neither gender has any advantage over the other.

  3. BreakingBenjamin9100 says

    damn this babe is hot!!!!

  4. beatleschikk says

    sexy glasses, lady!

  5. fap fap fap fap fap

  6. maitrekenshin93 says


  7. wats ron wit dis sin?

  8. Hey Marina, if you want to get a second date, get rid of that lump under your right arm. Uggh!

  9. You look younger as a brunette

  10. captainvalor2196 says

    you look hot no matter what your wearing! i would love to be your happily ever after!

  11. LittleMissSonja says

    this is the 1st video i ever saw of you.AND I LOVE IT!!make more of these plzzzz!

  12. @MrH4NY Your brutal honesty made my fukking day. Hahaha

  13. This was one of the funniest things I’ve seen. Very cool

  14. drumaboy200 says

    thisk thisk thisk lmaooo

  15. u look better with that long blond hair :X

  16. yourparentalfigure says

    Don’t act like a teenage air head. in my opinion.

  17. haha good advice, and funny. keep up the videos! 5*

  18. angryinternetguy991 says

    I didnt even realize my hand was down my pants until the video ended.

  19. Consumerofknowledge says

    WHo cares if a piece of food was stuck in your mouth, I’d ignore it until you eventualy discover…there food stuck in my teeth! Oh my god!

  20. ConstipatedTroll says

    @MrH4NY well no need to share that shit with us

  21. show me tetteeeeerrrssss

  22. that chrome hearts wife beater is sexy enough..definitly my type..i feel liek a stalker tho now i watched 3 or ur videos in a u got a bf?

  23. avoid blind dates..(always eyeball the chick first) .just have coffee with them…bring a small portable chessboard… teach them chess…be harmless at first…(never bring flowers at first….but once mutual romance developes always bring flowers…candy she likes…) never burp in front of her…

  24. I’m 45 is she 40?…she drives me wild!…(my male definition about scoreing with a woman is highly specific and obviously not in this video…)

  25. baz101phil says

    its the chick from Dc shoe usa

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