How to pimp your page!

Tired of the boring and uninspiring pages on your MySpace page? Need something to give it a more exciting and dramatic edge? Make your MySpace page unique and get rid of all the uninspiring and hideous blinking stuff that you have on it right now!

Get the right tools to do so at

All you need is some basic knowledge of html code and you can then pimp your MySpace layout by using Webfetti. This product allows you lots of flexibility and choices with various layouts, backgrounds, graphics, photo generators, music generators and more. You can get new skins for your music players and pimped out frames for photos and videos to pimp your page.

All you have to do is just select the style or item that you want on your MySpace page, tell Webfetti to put in on your page and that is all. Webfetti is compatible with MySpace, Hi5, Blogger Page, Zwinky or Friendster page. You will be amazed by the transformation it can do to your page and how easy it is to do so. Moreover it is 100% safe and 100% free!

So go and have a look at and check out all the cool stuffs that are there! Get your Webfetti free and start transforming your page in no time!


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