How To Overcome Shyness-A Confidence Blueprint

More At This video shows the blueprint of how I overcame shyness and..overcoming shyness is possible when you know what “overcoming shyness” actually means…and when you have a blueprint or a structure and know how to change. I also set out the internal obstacles most shy men face when overcoming shyness and social anxiety. That’s why I recommend to get help from someone who has overcome shyness or social anxiety before you and got more confidence in their life and dating to have all the relationships and connection that EVERYONE deserves. I specialise in helping shy or introverted men get control over their ability to have the life of their dreams including dating, confidence and impact on others. For that I give dating tips, confidence tips, personal coaching and there are several programs available that you can use to take your confidence and “game” through the roof-one of which is contained in the upper link! Thanks for listening and reading… Check out all the other videos on my channel for authentic dating advice for shy men. Stephan


  1. DaniBee2900 says

    why is this only for men

  2. sparkyyoung says

    This video reminds me of all the late night infomercials. Tell you a bunch a information that you find interesting them BAM!!! give us your hard earned money now. Dude save this for TV man.

  3. @WinstonWoIfe I wouldn’t say this strategy is for everyone, but it’s not 100% wrong. I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder, and I can’t just “let go”. If I could, I wouldn’t have a problem in the first place. =D

  4. If it bothers you and interferes with your life you should seek out a therapist who is well trained in CBT. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the most effective form of therapy for social anxiety so do your research and make sure your therapist has recent training in it. In as little as 7-12 sessions, you might end up 90% cured. That was my experience much to my surprise.

  5. MusicViddeos says

    I have my good days and bad days. On bad ones, I’m pretty introverted, and feel nervous at school almost the whole day. On the good ones I feel content, not exactly “miss confident” but I do okay. I do experience the physical symptoms (sweaty/shaky palms, trembling voice. etc) when I feel nervous in certain group settings. But I’m expressive and talkative with my friends/family. Hope this helps! 🙂

  6. How does SA anxiety affect you inparticular?

  7. 1997littlegirl says

    me 2

  8. NegativeCreep121 says

    thats what i do. just realize that everyone around you is a person like you. just act like you would around family or friends. also strike up a conversation with a stranger. its not as bad as it sounds. its not getting better at being social, its all about the confidence.

  9. stephanerdman says

    Glad it’s useful to you! thanks for commenting! Stephan

  10. stephanerdman says

    Thanks for your comment, even though it’s entertainingly absolute. 😉 Seems like you heard about my “Talk First, Think Later” Concept in the “How To Approach” Video? I ll just add a few thoughts so that other viewers don’t get confused: First of all: This video explains the process of change. I went through it. It’s neither right or wrong. It just is. And it works. And it’s not about “projecting” confidence…it’s about truly feeling confident inside and out… Thanks, S.

  11. MusicViddeos says

    cool, i suffer from social anxiety. this is a helpful video!

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