How to move to Belgium

how to move to belgium

How to move to Belgium is the sexy website of my sexy niece that relocated to Belgium.


Sexy website, because she asked me to redo her Blogger sites (why you couldn’t stick to one blog ah… naughty, naughty as usual…) into a new sexy and SEO friendly WordPress blog.


That’s what family is for 🙂 As long as she keeps my Asian dating banner online, all is fine 🙂


As soon as I have all her posts moved and made her blog looking like she approves, I can finally start working again on Linky Love: putting the love for links back at the foreground and making your blogs blog of the day!


How to move to Belgium tells my nieces life in Belgium: what to expect when you relocate to Belgium and lots of tips about shopping, facts about the Belgian culture, some funny facts how she sees westerners, and of course lots of pictures from her travels through Belgium.


Well, that’s the categories I set up for her 🙂


Go visit my niece if you want to travel or need information about How to move to Belgium.