How to marry Alvin Phang with Ashley Dupre?

Wouldn’t you love to increase your online visitors like Ashley Dupre increased governor Spitzer’s you know what and subsequently decreased his wallet and his entire political career?

governor spitzer

Governor Spitzer paid a high price for his escapades with Ashley Dupre
(is he going to claim his outstanding balance by the way…???)

Ashley Dupre as expensive as Linky Love

Girls Gone Wild wanted to hire Ashley Dupre again, but she asked so much money that Girls Gone Wild owner Joe Francis looked for an alternative: he already hat footage from when Ashley was a wild girl… So: nothing earned for Ashley.

Linky Love also was asking money for advertising on this blog, yet since there are no direct takers, most likely the price is too high as well.

It’s always about pricing: if your price is low, you get a lot of attention, but you could literary work your butt off and not getting the reward you should have got.

If your price is high, like Ashley Dupre asking 4800$ for 1 hour… you only need one person to take the offer… compare that to some street workers that ask $40… that’s 120 clients to get the same amount of money… yuckies!

Free, free free!

No wonder free stuff is yet another way of attracting online visitors. People want everything and they don’t want to pay for it. Well, I am a thrifty one as well 🙂

And although I am promoting the complete Step-by-Step Guide on creating Profitable Blogs , the author Alvin Phang has freebies as well. I already told you about the Niche Website Finder bonus when you buy his Step-by-Step Guide on creating Profitable Blogs.

Add to that : he gives away free linky love as well! How? Well, subscribe to his free newsletter and he will how 🙂

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