How to make your comment stand out at Linky Love

I just got an affiliate comment on Linky Love that goes like this:

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If you really want me to approve your affiliate comments, then the rules are the following:

Pay me $5 or:

  • review my site on your site first with all the following anchor texts :
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  • make sure what you have to offer is value for money (don’t pay $20 for something you see Linky Love doing and helping others for free…)
  • only then add your affiliate comment to my site

Better still: if your affiliate comment is real value for money, I will make it a new post!

This way we both will increase our Technorati Authority and backlinks!


  1. great website, very insightful. I have added you to my viral icons. Do drop by @ and tickle your senses with my posts. Cheers

  2. Hi,I have subscribed to your rss feed.

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  3. @tohumusness

    Thanks, you were added longtime already 🙂

    Eh Nicholas, why you don’t say it’s payperpost maybe paying out these 7.5$, if you buy me a tea, I review your site 🙂

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