How to make money with Linkworth Tutorial (2)

linkworth earn moreRead also our first part of our Linkworth tutorial at How to earn money with LinkWorth.

During our first part of our tutorial, we told you to set your link-price to a value you really think your links are worth.

If you set a "greedy" price like I did the first time, you will get an email from Linkworth
saying that they "disapprove your site":

We are sorry, but we were unable to approve your website…

No need to panic, at the bottom of the same email they will tell you why.

The most common reason is:

Price is too high.

So now you wonder: so which price is not too high?

How much is your blog worth

High and low is very subjective: according to the blog value tool below my blog is worth a whopping $168,232.92.

Great… but as long as nobody buys my blog for that price, I am not earning a 6 figure income yet.

My blog is worth $168,232.92.
How much is your blog worth?

Use the LinkQuote tool to get an idea

Linkworth has a tool that will give you an indication how high or low you should set the price for your links. Before we show you how it works, I tell you my strategy:

  1. I set the price I would be happy with to get
  2. Normally my price is way too high so I have a look at the LinkQuote tool
  3. If the LinkQuote price is higher than my price, I sit and wait
    If the LinkQuote price is lower than my price, I lower my price a bit, sit and wait. I repeat this exercise every so many days until people start paying my price.
    (of course don’t tell anybody how many days, weeks, months or years you wait until you lower your price… 😈

LinkQuote tool example

You login to Linkworth (I assume by now you already signed up, if not, then do it now) and go to TOOLS

linkworth linkquote

In my tools, look for the linkquote tab and click it:

linkquote linkworth

You will then see the "linkqoute tool" where you type in your website, for me that is

linkquote tool

Press "get Quote" to see your recommended link prices.

My Recommended link prices are as follows:

linky love linkworth

… So the maximum price I should ask for a link is $25. If you are happy with that, than that’s the price you use when you set your price.

I wasn’t happy with 25, so I have set my price higher and sit and wait. Why? Because always have other eggs in your basket and don’t lower your price to something you are not at all happy with.

On the other hand be realistic: if you aren’t making money anywhere, lowering your price to $15 would be a good option in the above example.


  • if you opted a 50/50 split with Linkworth and
  • you set your price at 25 $,
  • you will only get 50/50 meaning 12.50 $.

LinkQuote tool secret

The real value of this tool is that it tells you the secret of how Linkworth calculates it’s prices. Below their recommended prices they will show you the following (again example of

linkquote calculation

There you are: they don’t care that much about your real visitors traffic (Alexa rankings are US based). So if you are not ranking high in our TOPLIST, then don’t feel sad.

It took me about a year to find out that "more visitors" equals "more money" is only 16% of Linkworth‘s entire truth.

For my regular visitors wondering why I am no more frantically working my butt off to rank first in our TOPLIST:

  • it’s quite cold on top 🙂 and
  • there is more money to earn at lower altitudes 🙂


Tools are only useful if they tell you how they work and if they are applied well.

Pagerank is a tool to rank pages in Google, so it should not be used by advertisers. Why is nobody listening I don’t know, don’t cry when your pagerank is zero because you loved to sell pagerank links…

That’s why I love to sell my $10 Google approved links.

The tool that says my blog is worth $168,232.92 is of no use as I have no clue what they are measuring (maybe they just count the amount of words 🙂 )

text link adsText Link Ads is another service selling links and they were the first to have a Link Value calculator, yet it has been down for more than a month though.

The advantage of Text Link Ads is that you don’t have to set a price.

The disadvantages are that Text Link Ads:

  • is much more picky than Linkworth when it comes to approving sites
  • only sells links, where Linkworth has much more on offer on their side to make money on your site 🙂
  • their link value calculator is not working for a way too long time

text link ads calculator

Linkworth “Set your Link Price” conclusion

  • set the price to a value you are comfortable with
  • set your prices similar on different services: advertisers do shop around as well and will most likely buy your lowest price available
  • if you feel you are not selling enough, lower your price
  • if you feel you are sold out on the spot: higher your price
  • if you still have no idea, use the Linkworth linkquote calculator as an indication only

Make sure you also read the first part of our Linkworth Tutorial: How to earn money with Linkworth and ask more questions.