How to make money online

how to make money onlineFrom 2009 onwards, all our how to make money online posts will be written by self proclaimed expert Stef from Make Money Online at Home.


Stef agreed to start a new blog explaining how to make money online to all newbies who need an extra income in these dark economical days.


Just like John Chow, Stef has been around IT much longer than the Internet exists.


Stef is an engineer, IT specialist and Sun Certified Java Developer. He jumped out of the hardware IT business about 10 years ago. Those days where the end of the glory-days making an easy 100% profit on selling hardware.


Stef jumped into Internet development and marketing soon after and enjoys now making money online anywhere on the globe where he finds an Internet connection.


We will summarize here what each new post at Make Money Online at Home is all about.


How to make money summarized


The first post about how to make money online tells you that you need to be focused in order to make money online. Stef reminds himself with a money turtle sitting on a pile of US dollar banknotes.


Most likely that’s why I earn less online than Stef, because:


  • my money turtle-dragon is much smaller than his,
  • the coins underneath are not really gold and
  • I don’t have the real money to stack underneath…


Yet I am quite happy with what I make online though 🙂 No need to be as greedy as a pig, I prefer doing what I love to do when it comes to making money 🙂


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