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Contextual ads need good context for good ads

Unlike websites for pets, that have advertisement straight about pets, blogging about juicy subjects like a sexy secretary gives you the famous "Hurricane Ads"…

cat protection

Cat protection should be a better contextual advertisement
than bragging about how the US cannot even take care about its own citizens
and needing Google to help them out in raising money on the Internet.

New visitors are always good

kitten careIf you suddenly incorporate a new topic in your blog, a topic that is very in demand of course, then you will attract new visitors.

New visitors are not yet blinded by your contextual ads and click through much easier than your regular visitors.

Regular visitors come for your content, not for your advertisement, therefore it’s very difficult to make money on the Internet with showing always the same ads to your visitors.

One way to change contextual ads easily is bragging about new topics, pets for instance…

Cat on ceiling fan

Now I hear you saying: what have pets to do with how to make money online?

Then I ask you: what have cats to do with selling Nokia phones? Seemingly a lot if you watch this cat on a ceiling fan…

How to make money on the Internet with blogs that don’t make money online

Now that would be quite out of topic, unless you make it a topic 🙂

Typical example here is our famous DaddyP, blogging on the WordPress site, so not allowed to make money online.

Yet DaddyP is FUN and you always get a crowd when you are FUN! And a crowd means: sooner or later they will have a look at your site and voila, again new visitors you can make money on the Internet with.

DaddyP fits in right anywhere: from his last wheelchair post it’s easy to post a cats on Tuesdays equivalent like so:

cat products

Cat Products

Just that this DaddyP blog is becoming so popular that almost after a merry 100 comments on his wheelchair post, the subject suddenly changes to juicy Orange Whips…

orange whip

Orange Whip, foxy like well, a fox, which is a cat, isn’t it?


Why not using a contextual ad filter

Why Linky Love doesn’t use the Adsense filter to tell Adsense not to make contextual ads about sexy secretaries? Why not using catnip against sexy secretaries?


Catnip: to use or not to use in contextual advertising?

Don’t use the "catnip" Adsense filter! Why?

Because that would be all against the idea of a "good visitors experience".

If you came here for sexy secretaries, then you should get what you came for. Using catnip tactics with blocking the sexy secretary out of the contextual ads would be like taking the present out the box and then presenting it…

I know lots of bloggers do use the Adsense filter (like those days John Chow was still in love with Adsense), so as with everything on the Internet: it’s a personal choice, depending on what you want for your visitors.

Cat’s on Tuesdays and making money online summarized

  • make a general category that could cover lots of topics and imagination centered around 1 subject
  • use this category to interact with other bloggers and new visitors that at first sight don’t fit in your blog
  • it’s all about Internet Marketing: get yourself noticed! , It’s not really about SEO…

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