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zhang ziyi topless

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Is Zhang Ziyi a disgrace being topless?


zhang ziyi beach pictures


The Taipei Times newspaper today Jan, 9th is wondering whether Zhang Ziyi is "a disgrace to the Chinese people".


Judge for yourself who is doing disgraceful things in the Zhang Ziyi’s topless pictures:


zhang ziyi topless


What is the Israeli news saying about Zhang Ziyi’s Israeli fiancé: investor Viv Nevo actions on Zhang Ziyi’s butt?


gaza children

Jan. 5: The bodies of Issa, Ahmed and Mohamed Samouni: another 3 innocent children killed in an Israeli strike on Gaza.


What is the Israeli news saying about Israel killing innocent children in Gaza?


So nobody is allowed to question any Israeli: be it Israelis killing innocent children or an Israeli investor kissing Zhang Ziyi topless ‘ butt???


2 times a disgrace for Israel?


  1. Her private life photos are posted online. Another case of Jennifer Aniston?

    Let’s cast a vote. Do you think her private life photos should be posted online?

  2. Voted on your poll, please vote for free adpsace here as well 🙂

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