How to make 3 times more money on the Internet


  • start: my monthly blogging income from Add your Link is $300
  • aim: triple is to make about $1000 a month
  • how: selling affiliate products I can show by example they work
  • challenge: find the affiliate product that proves itself to be successful


Sometimes you get so comfortable blogging, that you don’t feel like stepping
out of your comfort-zone, although you do dream of bigger things.

That’s the time where you need to force yourself to "start all over again". Just that you do have the advantage not having to start from scratch, but you start from what you have already.

For Link Love the time has come today: we are nicely making 300$ a month on autopilot, meaning: we spend a lot of time writing posts, but we are riding the same idea, milking the same cow…

make money on the internet milking the same cow

Make money on the Internet milking 1 cow over and over…
It’s an easy job once you get the hang of it,
yet you limit yourself :
a cow can only give as much as 40 liter a day…


My new aim is to triple my monthly income to reach $1000. Why 1000? Same reason why the oil-price nowadays is at 100: people get stuck at round numbers…

Once we reach 1000, we can set a new aim to triple 🙂


You could say: start milking 3 cows and you reach your aim. That’s true but: I started this blog as a casestudy all together:

to show that with 1 (this) blog it is possible to make $1000 a month.

Yet I do advice you: if you can afford to maintain 3 cows: by all means do it!

So I opt to sell affiliate products in stead of getting 2 extra cows (like my French Swear Words or Gwen Stefani Clothes).


Finding an affiliate product that I can sell on Linky Love.

All you need to know is the secret in finding an affiliate that matches your website’s content perfectly.

I found this secret on the spot for my French Swear Words blog, but I am still looking for the affiliate that matches Linky Love.

How to find the perfect affiliate?

  • it should be on topic with your website
  • you should have tried it out yourself so you can prove that it works (in stead of saying: I used this magic e-book and it promises the sky, but I am still blogging hard to make ends meet… that doesn’t add up does it?)
  • if one doesn’t work, try the next until you find it (now here I wished I had a better method)

Atomic Blogging

If you read my post of last Friday: How to blog better, you will have noticed I am starting to promote a new affiliate to make money on the Internet from Alvin Phang. Why?


My aim is to get a complete free review of his Atomic blogging eBook : not to copy paste here, but just to practice what it preaches and show you the results.

So the main question now is: is the author of Atomic blogging up for the challenge to put his knowledge to the test here at Linky Love?

We will contact Alvin again and let you know!

atomic blogging

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