How to Look HOT!!! – The Art of Attracting

The Biblical secret to attracting good mates. Christian Dating Tips and advice. The beginning of any relationship is Attraction. Includes: -What should I focus on? -What are men and women made of? -Whom should I attract? -Why should Christians only date Christians? -How do I attract? -What makes a good man/good woman? -What can I do to stand out? -What can I do while I’m single? Many relationships fall apart because people start the long journey of relationships on the wrong foot. “If your traveling to a destination exactly 100miles East and you’re off by 1 degree, you’d end up far from your intended destination.” -Joshua Harris This video is intended to be show in youth groups and Bible Studies. Credits: “Song of Solomon” Audio by Tommy Nelson “I Gave Dating a Chance” by Jeremy Clark Jesus Thank you.

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