How to give yourself more incoming links

Linky Love has more than one way to give you an incoming link, but you will reach the most benefits in getting the best exposure when you become blog of the day.


How to become blog of the day?


You sign up at Add URL and wait until you get reviewed by me (as you can see below, there are 36 sites waiting in no particular order added today).


Or you can jump queue by doing one of the 4 jumps:


  1. write your own blogreview, highlighting your must read posts (content is king please!, leave a comment here with your review)
  2. give me a $10.00 tip and not only do you jump queue, you also jump on top of our 20 TOPSPOTS in the right sidebar
  3. join our favicon matrix
  4. join our dating website and ADD at least 1 picture of your blog or site


Important for those in the list below


Since you have been approved just now, an email message is sent to you with the HTML code needed to put on your website in order to stay in our list.



Make sure you add your URL to become blog of the day one day ๐Ÿ™‚ .


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