How to get your ex boyfriend back

сондажистроителство на къщи

In stead of buying a book about relationships, find out for free how to get your ex boyfriend back.

2 words of caution though: previous behavior predicts future behavior:

  • Was your boyfriend abusive to you? Then you do NOT want your boyfriend back, end of story!
  • Do you really want to take the risk that once you get your boyfriend back, he won’t run away a second time? When your answer is yes, ask your girlfriends if it is worth your while. If their answer is yes as well, then read on.

How to get your ex boyfriend back

4 steps how to get your ex boy boyfriend back

  • Know your guy: if you just broke up, understand if he is the type that can make up again by himself, or he is the guy that just broke up in the moment, wants to get back at you and has no clue how. The latter you contact, the first you don’t, at least not until a few weeks have gone by.
  • Go back to the days your boyfriend fell in love with you: what was that exactly? And are you still providing/showing those qualities? If you were wearing fashionable clothes and all you wear nowadays at home are sloppy comfortable clothes, go and change your wardrobe again! Make sure you act, dress and smell the next time you see your boyfriend in a way he loved to see you in before.
  • If you know his good secrets, make sure they are yours as well: if he loves to use the word fantastic, then use that word as well. If he loves eating French fries, then change your diet to French fries as well.
  • Begging doesn’t work, only dogs beg. Ask to do something together again and stress to do it as friends. Make it fun the way friends of siblings have fun. If he rediscovers the fun part of you, he will initiate future encounters and you are on your way to a new date.

How to contact your ex

One moment in time if he doesn’t contact you, you need to contact him. Be subtle like:

  • I just finished a meal in the Italian restaurant we used to ate on Fridays and was just wondering how you were? Send as a text message and wait.
  • Be clear where you stand: you accept he broke up and you accept he has a reason to do so (as long as he wasn’t abusive nor sleeps around).
  • Can we talk? I know I messed up this and that but now see how to work on it. Just do ask if what you think is the problem, is also why he left you in the first place.

And last but not leased: move on! Find new people and new activities that you like. Of course we know you would love him to be with you, but once you manage to make yourself happy without him, he will notice a more happy person and will be more attracted to you.

If nothing of that works, he just isn’t into you and you move on. You want a boyfriend or partner to do things together, not to constantly try to attract to you.

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