How to get the Girl – Step 1- The Approach

The title says it all. I am not an expert this is just my opinion and its worked a lot for me so yea.


  1. superrune119 says

    this guy reminds me of vindiesel and he has had alot of experience

  2. “You’re gonna hear NO alot”…. LOL

  3. Macthezombieslayer says

    Dude thank u so much 4 ur video it’s such a great help

  4. doomkid2009 says


  5. TheNikototo says

    good shit guy,

  6. ragingspasm says

    man i talk to this girl and asked her out a few days l8r just casual u know just hey wonderin if u wanna catch a movie with me but no

    you wanna know y i went out with her friend so advice dont date your exs frends

  7. whats wrong with his beards, great points though

  8. spacenoise5 says


  9. FatalCorruptionzz961 says

    Thank you…so much

  10. Man I have been said no 2 so many fucking times lmao !!! Lolllll!!!

  11. ‘for that little u know RENDEZVOUS’

  12. ‘for that little u know RENDEZVOUS

  13. Get the fuck out of here

  14. Marco107316 says

    Ur so right man he’s speakin the truth

  15. struglefighter3 says

    this dude always delivers awesomeness, keep it going digitil ^__^

  16. LHjoshua30001 says

    thanks man

  17. 2010f2pker says

    lmao lipstick on the dickstick lmao

  18. ‘respect’ my ass >< guys.. don't be a nice guy or u'll be screwed forever! dont be an asshole either.. but be smart! and don't ever put the girl on pedestal or above you.. flattering her all the time.. it won't get you anywhere. don't tell her everything about urself. always make her talk (even if she talks tooo much, lol). just be relaxed and playful. and don't become her friend! if she wanna be 'just friends' step back and move on! just be the best of urself you can be.

  19. WalkHardman says

    @Clavsicus if not then you get they guy chicks in prison

  20. lol he has that “smooth’ talk. haha DIS GUY!!!

  21. LeinadNesterbegne says

    dude your awsome

  22. @RealDefentertainment lol haha that made me laugh

  23. RealDefentertainment says

    What`s Up? Digitil Soul Here Spheeew!!

  24. cheekymonkey69er says

    Good tips bro.

  25. @himpar0301 The trick is alcohol, after a few pints it easyer to break the ice after that ur more relaxed

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