How to get rich with pets

click meOk, here we have a way to make you rich with pets, and you don’t even have to bark nor growl.

All you have to do is advertise yourself for free, which means that you have to do what you love the most: showing off your love for pets.

Because when people notice you love pets, they will trust their pets in your hands.

Petsitters without pets

One of linky love‘s first ways of earning money was pet-sitting. Quite easy: my mom put my ad in the newspaper (I was able to read and write though, although at about 8, you don’t know that well "who you gonna call" when you need an ad placed in the newspaper).

If you go on holiday, leave your pet with my daughter, since she loves pets.

Of course mom didn’t mention that I also loved to travel during holidays, but since my parents told me: you can travel as much as you want when you pay for it… well, I thought of spending my holidays earning some extra money 🙂

So the easy part was my love for dogs, the difficult part at that time was finding pet owners to find me.

Or in other words, the difficult part was: getting noticed with my services?

How you get noticed

cavalier king charles spanielSimple: Candi the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel joined Add your Link and get’s our linky love back already. Not to mention that when Candi reacts to this post and writes an article about his blog, this cute dog will be featured as next blog of the weekend. Talking about getting famous!

So you have a pet service or you just came up with an idea reading my post? There are quite a lot of easy pet services you can do from home:

  • pet sitting
  • walk a dog
  • dress a pet
  • take cute pet pictures

So if you want to show your pet love and pet service to the rest of the world, you can add your website at Add your link.

But what if you don’t have a website? Then all you need to do is surf to the appropriate website below and add a comment:

And if you feel like getting noticed here, then leave a question here at linky love. Same goes for Candi to become the next blog of the weekend 🙂