How To Easily Become More Attractive To Girls

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  1. @AmpedOhAte I’m not overweight, don’t smell and I’m a guy too! I do think most guys just judge by looks.

  2. UROCKMYSOX249 says

    Stephan–do you have a lucky girl yet? are ya married?

  3. AmpedOhAte says

    @bacabu30 not necessarily being shallow. tell me. would you want to wake up next to someone who weighs 300 pounds and smells and has bad hygiene? YOU can always change how big you are, don’t blame other people. I am a guy and I was with one overweight person. It was because of her personality I was with her. Don’t put all guys in one basket just because how some of them act.

  4. rollitbabe says

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  5. tobbe1025 says

    The clothes thing is SOOO TRUE! i was out with some friends yesterday and i wore the most fashionable i could find in my closet! and a lot more girls were looking at me than usual! and not in a bad way! 😉

  6. I dont think its really working,, only if u try to put a fake photo!

  7. fruitymonstahhh says

    thank you very much man, this has really helped me

  8. deeniel420 says

    wow it makes ya think. thanks for the tips but im curious…who is the celebrity/famous person who “inspired” you?

  9. UzumakiJustice says

    wear stuff tht shows ur figure off

  10. The reality is that people are shallow and are NOT attracted to anyone who is overweight or fat, with only a few exceptions. Guys, in particular, are shallow and only go by looks. So, you might have a great personality, be funny and genuine, but if you’re fat, very few people will go for you.

  11. lachlanSB says

    Person 1: you look good today
    Person 2: i thourght i could smell crack on your breath.

  12. lukem2866 says

    why do girls like chavs? i agree with your point but chavs are super ugly and have no sense of style

  13. turkishtrader says

    hey steve, i look a lit bit like leonardo di caprio. no neck big body short guy 😉 thanx

  14. RedBloodDoom says

    im sry so off topic but he sounds somegreybloke agree? what part of england is that accent from? somewhere in the south nothing like some of my friends from liverpool and birmingham.

  15. SuperGrinningIdiot says

    It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Personally, I think I’d still be gorgeous even if I was the most hideouly deformed thing on the planet. It’s all about how you view yourself. 🙂

  16. DritonGusia says

    Just dress how you feel
    Dressing is an expression
    Let your clothes reflect your mood
    Dont just dress for others,and dont forget your self-esteem!
    And be clean! Give importance to hygiene

    And as you contact the girl,just dont forget that she’s just a human being,nothing more than you,so stop monitoring yourself and enjoy the moment
    and the most important BE YOURSELF,let her see that you are a good and a strong person
    Let her expect progress from you,so be positive!

  17. BulldogManiaOfficial says

    your the man.

  18. coolnick9999999 says

    Cool vid it help a lot.

  19. Man ur awesome. I honestly owe my social life to you.

  20. just work out!!!

  21. Your psychological skills change peoples lifes.
    People who struggle, either because of their shyness or high sensitivity.
    I hope you know it and they’re all thanking you. Me too.
    Thank you.

  22. LowLowSpinners says

    everything that this guy says is so obvious yet i never thought about it

  23. whatswithyous says

    @TheRealDirtyScary. abs are good 😀

  24. TheRealDirtyScary says

    @whatswithyous whats your point man? what were you trying to accomplish with your first response? I’m confused now.

  25. whatswithyous says

    @TheRealDirtyScary. Also…
    being fit will help you live longer when your older

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