How to earn more money, get a PageRank 7 link?

color picker

More money, more time, more PageRank: how?

By reviewing a very practical designers tool called Color Picker, which I just downloaded and installed in my system tray : ready when I need to pick a color!

How to earn money with a color picker?

If you are making money with Adsense
or any other text link ads service,
then you know that:

to get a better click through rate
Adsense needs
links of the same color
(same color than the other links on your site)

color pickerThe fastest way to know the colors of your links is by using Color Picker.

An example:

  • you want to know the color code of the red word FREE on the right.
  • you just activate Color Picker
  • you move the color pointer over the E from Free and
  • you get:
    • a magnified area so you can pick the color even better
    • the 255.0.0 color code for red

If your brain works hexadecimal like geeky me, you know that 255.0.0 is the same as CC0000. The latter is the code you need to fill in using Adsense or any other Advertising service when making their links fit into your blog.

If you want to spare your brains, you buy the full version of Color Picker and the CC0000 code will be shown in stead of the 255.0.0. It’s 9.9$ well spent (unless you prefer a 1 time Starbucks coffee thrill…).

Color Picker is a small, neat program: for only picking a color you don’t need to run bombastic programs like Photoshop nor PaintShopPro anymore! Just activate Color Picker when you need it.

How to get the PageRank 7 link?

You write a review why Color Picker is a very useful tool to have, contact the owner of the PageRank 7 and owner Ades will give you a link back.

Why you need to visit designer blogs?

Because designers like are the most helpful people in the whole blogosphere (you don’t agree because you are more helpful? Then leave a comment!)… See, no comment yet…

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