How to earn $145k?

By becoming a teenager and thinking like one… See TheNewsRoom video below…

How to earn money with TheNewsRoom?

This is a lazy man’s way of earning money by displaying embedded news (they call it ‘mash" the news on your blog!)

make money online advertisingYou want to mash me? Click on the mash button on TheNewsRoom video below, fill in your email, choose the smallest size available, click copy and paste this exact video on your blog. It’s a video about making money, so you cannot go wrong!

How to use TheNewsRoom

make money online advertisingIf you want to mash or embed news from TheNewsRoom, you can use the mash button if you see it on any blog they have "mashed" a video.

Otherwise you go to the TheNewsRoom page, use advanced search and look for videos. Why? because videos pay 4 times better than words!

How does TheNewsRoom pay you?

make money online advertisingContent from TheNewsRoom is accompanied by CPM ads, meaning you get a fixed amount of dollars every 1000 times your page has been viewed. As the number of viewers to the embedded video or news increases, the payment also increases. A video feed viewed on your website can earn as much as $4 per CPM – cost per thousand impressions that is.

You can also earn if a TheNewsRoom video gets mashed from your own website into another website. Earnings can go as high as $1 here.

Mash my video and make me rich!

Read my previous post about TheNewsRoom and mash the video below now!


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