How to draw a rose

how to draw a roseDo you know how to draw a rose? Then share your roses with us and leave a comment!

Ok, it’s not really smell the roses day today, as in spring you will get more perfume from hyacinths. Taking care of hyacinths is almost as easy as tulips care but you get the enchanting perfume for free!


Ask questions when you need to make money online

Ok, back to work and making money online.

Yesterday I asked you all a question about how to make Cats Photographs into a photoblog.

Wolfbernz is so far the only one ( 🙁 ) who could help me out pointing to his own site "Wrong Blog" using a photoblog WordPress theme called linoluna, which looks great in the single pages:

pictures of cats

But… Help needed again, as I cannot get the frontpage up and running after simply uploading the theme, it looks like so:

cat pictures

Yes, that’s a quite blank frontpage …

Apart from that… Wrong Blog is exactly what I had in mind with Cats Photographs: letting other people subscribe and upload there cats.

So again: when making money on the Internet: don’t invent the wheel again, but look around at what others are doing and don’t be shy to ask questions 🙂

Wolfbernz got some more links, linoluna got some more exposure and I got some more knowledge.

And since knowledge is your main asset when making money online,
that’s priceless 🙂

Question for today

So question for today: if you know how to draw a rose, please show us in a comment!


  1. Linky Love,

    The linoluna theme was an interesting feat for It took me lots of time reading the code… and rereading the instructions trying to make sense of things.

    Some of the main photos have to be uploaded by FTP. We ask writers to upload their pictures to the blog and I then modify their pictures for placement in the slide show and for thumbnail images.

    Drop me a note and let me know what you’re having trouble with. I would be more than happy to help.


  2. @Wolfbernz

    Thanks, so it’s not an automated picture cropping (some plugins do that, yet I was hoping to grab an all in 1 theme plugins included).

    Aha, we have to code… Guess I must change something in the index.php, most likely with categories and showposts… and for that I will ask in email 🙂

    At the same time will ask you to write a guestpost and introduce wrongblogs to become blog of the weekend 🙂

    Thanks Wolfbernz!

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