How to draw a real puppy

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Do you want to draw a puppy and are your drawing skills better than mine (mine are zero…), then let me show you how to draw a real puppy from scratch (just like Linky Love shows you how to make money on the Internet from scratch).

If you want a real puppy or you have a real puppy up for adoption, then go to Adopt a puppy for free! If you just want a cartoon puppy, then have a look how you can do better than what I have been drawing just now…

how to draw a puppy

How to draw a puppy

How to draw a real puppy

We were kind of ‘chit-chatting-lol-catting‘ at Daddy P‘s (who is a real artist by the way, not a flight by night ‘drawer’ like me…) looking for brilliant ideas for new niche websites. Add to that the ads that are showing these days, and my thinking cap was on full force…

It came to my attention: in order to be totally unique: why not illustrate your website yourself? Quite a challenge when you have no drawing skills like me, but when there is room for improvement, you can always count me in 🙂

In order to put the thinking to the test: I started to draw this puppy from scratch, and even without telling you it’s a puppy, you will have noticed it kind of looks like a dog 🙂

So here are the step by step instructions and be warned: you need zero drawing skills in advance, I just used my Stylo Bic…

how to draw a real puppy

How to draw a real puppy from scratch

How to draw puppies

Step by step in the drawing above (Vincent Van Gogh also started sketching to buy food, maybe I found my new niche career… 🙂 )

  1. draw a snowman (a simple 2 balls please) and scratch a line underneath
  2. draw a small banana and underneath a hook pointing to the left and a hook pointing to the right
  3. puppies have big eyes: 2 ‘U’s upside down and dots pointing to the directing you want your puppy to look at
  4. another long ‘U’ and there you go: a puppy with his tongue sticking out
  5. then 2 handles, one left and one right (I am told that are supposed to be the dogs ears…)
  6. top paws: 2 circles with 3 vertical lines inside
  7. bottom paws: kind of the McDonalds logo again with 3 stripes in each paw
  8. add a tail on the puppy (the bigger the better I find)

Just admit how easy it is to draw a real puppy from scratch 🙂

Linky Van Gogh did it again 🙂

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