How to date Asian girls in bikinis

Asian Girls in Bikinis

In stead of just staring at these hot pictures of Asian girls in bikinis, why don’t you start dating Asian girls? It’s easy peasy if you follow Asian Online Dating’s 7 steps to marry Asian Brides.


Asian girls in bikini


Asian Girls in Bikini


So what do you need to do to be the only one guy between 5 Asian girls in bikini like in the above picture?


It helps if you are the only brother having 5 sisters, but other than that, you need to know some basic tips about dating Asians. And the beach of choice is in the Philippines if you want your Asian girls to be mostly Christians.


Tips to date Asian girls in bikinis


1. Don’t try your luck on the beach, start your dating online on one of the many Asian Online Dating sites.


2. Don’t try for a casual one night date, there are adult online services for that matter.


3. Find out about Asian civilization, especially food and some words: a great idea to start your online chatting!


4. Have fun. People love to hang around people that have something fun to offer.


5. Get a schedule: make appointments online in stead of always trying your luck to see if the other person will be yes or no online.


6. Do not mention sexual or erotic statements, unless you are already chatting 24/7 with your Asian date 🙂


7. Buy yourself a plane ticket and visit your date. Make sure you plan a little trip to a beach on one of the Islands in South East Asia. You will see lots of Asian girls in bikinis and lo and behold: one of them is right beside you chatting to you!


  1. Do all Asian girls wear bikinis all the time? I’m slightly concerned about the lack of pockets ……

  2. That’s why we invented handbags and
    why we invented boyfriends to carry the bags, all bags 🙂

    Goes to tell that the bible’s rib-story doesn’t have a clue about real life…

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