How to blog better than Paris Hilton?

By learning from the best: Dale has 200.000 unique visitors in a month. How does he do that?

Because his house is full of blog-visitors enhancing BLOGROCKS! And he wants to share them with you.


Get your own personal BlogRock
(Please buy one, otherwise dale starts killing bunnies…)

My sexy secretary and the all revealing sex blogrock video.

Dale already shared one BlogRock with me, and tadaa: my visitors went up big time, more than 100 visitors a day now!

Why? All waiting for…

Well: you know nothing is free in this world. My smart, sexy secretary needed to pay Dale in kind and of course there was a sophisticated hand-phone in place and a nasty video is now on the loose… Paris Hilton can only dream on…

So go buy a BlogRock, and buy my secretary free 🙂

Seriously now…

Buy a BlogRock, otherwise a (Playboy?) bunny dies…

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  1. Didn’t know by selling rock can have 100 visitors a day 🙂 good idea

  2. I am glad that you have more then 100 visitors a day.

  3. JohnXia : you should get such a rock as well, they bring both good karma and good visitors. See: they bring you!

  4. Thanks Bontb, please come back as you are one of those 100 I love 🙂


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