How To Be An Alpha Male Learn The Tips And Techniques Of The Alpha Male http


  1. johnsmith99ify says

    @dizzylizzy1974 money, height, looks and cock

  2. c00lwatter says

    Oh yes….the woosy in the relationship. I have been there. Basic premise, DON’T GIVE WOMEN (or anybody for that matter) what they want, only what they have earned. Its always good to give women flowers…the morning after you rammed her so hard she couldn’t get out of bed last night to get you that cup of water she wanted last night.

    The main point is make some pretty strong ground rules, and if she even starts to THINK about fucking with those rules be prepared to say “cya, bitch”.

  3. justchill919 says

    im glad i saw this… my girl the other day was trying to tell me that she was tired of making decisions… now that i look at it she was right but i, as the definite pants in the relationship, failed to look at things how she was looking at them. i looked at if as if there were any IMPORTANT decisions to be made I would make them… but women need men to make pretty much ALL the decisions.. from where to eat, what movie to watch, even what the woman wears… glad i caught this early, thanks

  4. dizzylizzy1974 says

    cute is the most important thing guys! then confidence! then cock! that’s it.

  5. InALoveTrance says

    @meka4996 True!!!

  6. meka4996 says

    Alpha Male is not necessary a jerk or asshole…
    Alpha Make is a guy that know how to lead/dominate[a family], to make decisions!

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