How To Attract Women: Tips For Flirting That Create Instant Natural Attraction How To Attract Women FREE tips for flirting that create instant and natural attraction in women. Learn how to get out of your head and confidently attract women everywhere you go.


  1. @emerson24

    exactly, people just don’t want to admit that their natural personality is completely unlikable

    they can’t admit that to themselves because that would require them to change, changing your personality is extremely difficult, it’s easier to ignore your personality flaws

    guys that are good with women often times are just good salesman, excellent bullshitters that know exactly what to say and not to say, they are good at telling people what they want to hear

  2. @MikeG82 LMAO!! Or, like people will give advice to say…a person who is seeking to become a musician or something, or any of these TV shows on with “talent”…and they’ll say, “just be true to yourself”. What kind of fucking advice is that? If I had to pay for that, I’d ask for a refund!!

  3. Does he teach you how to masturbate, too?

  4. White people giving tips. HA!

  5. @MikeG82 I don’t think that’s entirely true. Most people are afraid to be themselves. Most people try to pretend to be someone else in order to either impress or they’re afraid of being themselves.

    I don’t think very many people are themselves when trying to pick up women – and in general for that matter.

    Where changes need to be made concerns exactly what this guy is saying. Loving yourself as you are and, through that, becoming more confident.

  6. joker65625 says

    David Wygant has genuine confidence in himself and builds it in others.

  7. @420159

    i hate it when people say “just be yourself” who the hell else have they been?

    many people have been themselves and that is why they fail, they need to make major changes

  8. pierocalifornia says

    thanks david, this is great stuff

  9. josh1256789 says



    thats all =)

  10. Zokimaster says

    @DavidWygant , I appreciate your reply. I watched just few of your videos for now. About amazing women, you need to be in their sight first, it doesn’t help if you talk only to the butchers etc.. And when you meet HER, just DO NOT care what she thinks about you. As Yoda said “Fear not!”. For now let take everyone to check the other part of your “talk to everyone” lesson – search for video named “How To Attract Women: The Best (And EASIEST) Way You’re Not Using”. I will leave a comment there too.

  11. DavidWygant says

    @Zokimaster you posted the quote of the day!
    Sounds like i read the book you never wrote!!

    Glad we are on the same page here!

    Now all we need to do is get all the other guys on this page and everyone will be meeting amazing women.

  12. Zokimaster says

    This is alfa and omega of everything, remember this. It sounds as David read my book which I never wrote. I’m doing this for years. Love yourself, respect everyone, go into every moment and leave everything behind you. Your secret will be staying on your ground wherever you go. I went to another continents to new countries, made a lot of friendships there. Live in that present moment only, you have power to go anywere, just be always organized and disciplined and that will keep you strong. Enjoy

  13. “i knew immediately she was atracted to me”…..WHAT A GRAND ASSUMPTION.

  14. Mu5clehead says

    Wygant’s a fucking genius
    -respect bro

  15. TheEnigma7111 says

    smoke weed u will notice things like shit

  16. LowLowSpinners says

    LOL i love how u said that

  17. sensationaldenny says

    Mr. Whole Foods is at it again!

  18. p2thumper07 says


  19. letsgoforajoyride says

    a fat wallet is more attractive than hot young men.. dont let woman tell you any different, she will go for both undoubtedly

  20. omg that guys so stupid

  21. valetudospang says

    Hey, I want to say Thank You for posting these videos! 🙂

  22. EricRushOSU says

    Whole Foods is my spot. Cougars are a dime a dozen there. I love giving them long, soul penetrating stares.

  23. Borchardt101 says

    Really, attraction is confidence, passion, and giving a shit. Genuinely be interested in the person and their thoughts.

  24. thewally2008 says


  25. PsychoStorm88 says

    Man, guys just need to learn that attraction is confidence and passion. That’s all there is to it.

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