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An example of a big story promoting his blog comes from Hoopy Frood Dude : our blog of the day!

Hoopy Frood Dude

Well, If there was a simple way to sum up why people should drop in on my sight, it’s probably because I’m honest about what I say.

And on the extremely rare occasion that I make a mistake in an article, I openly and publicly announce it.

Here’s an example. Check the bottom of the article in the BOLD print Crew gets bitch slapped.

My views on the world are from a Conservative Republican stance:

  • A former Marine who has actually been on the ground on the frontlines in the middle east stance,
  • A PRO-life stance allowing for some compassion in the realm of abortion,
  • A PRO-gun stance (as you might have guessed, i.e., the Marines), and
  • an ANTI-ILLEGAL immigration point of view. Notice I said anti-ILLEGAL immigration. I’m all for people taking their turn to legally enter my country.

All that may actually scare of quite a few people, but as I watch my page counter spin like a top, there seems to be many who actually want to hear/know about, what I am saying.

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