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  1. @tiavuj6624 Thank you! 😉 You are too kind.

  2. tiavuj6624 says

    what about if i like the guy who is in this video yes im a girl and sorry to say but you are very hot do you have a girlfriend 🙂 i

  3. lol my campus has over 45k ppl so every guy walks up to random girls and say “you look familiar, did we have a class together?” it works though lol

  4. Lol, I helped a girl in my class in a physics test and she got 10/10, because I helped her alot and I’m pretty good at it =p
    Does being smart attracts women much?

  5. Remember1012 says

    I once stayed up all night writing down and planning out a conversation I wanted to have with this girl. The next day a friend came up and invited me to her table. lol I was like holy shit and was not even tyinking about it at the moment. Got her myspace and we went out. lol

  6. I sit right next to this girl in my class that I would like to get to know. Any tips on how to break the ice with girls that sit next to you?


  7. mohimohi1983 says

    Tell her let’s get something to eat and ask her for sex after you had your food.

  8. moviemakingbusiness says

    o.o you guys are making me blush… i has no clue why i clicked this vid… ima go now… ~runs away~

  9. MitchKid1991 says

    My biggest problem with girls is that if I am the on to break the ice i feel as though i am sucking up to her… and i feel infeior to her.. And when SHE breaks the ice i feel as though i am more important than she is and that I want to remain that way… it is hard to explain but quite weird

  10. Mentallyawake568 says

    the mirror in the background is hillarious. I thought I saw a ghost but it is the guru himself.

  11. is it good if you are shy and have a little anxiety but still talk and get along with her?


    G E N I O U S lol
    veryy smart x]

  13. bleachfan778 says

    my friend wanted try this but they sit beside eachother and talk so she knows he knows she in his class my friend is kinda stressed and that make me kinda bummed please reply

  14. xlawofattraction says

    just say something, i do it all the time!
    it doesn’t even have to be a long conversation. Whatever you do, don’t plan what you’re gonna say, just say something

  15. aarruleAAAAAAAAAAAAA says

    good, but here, find out what bell rings, a minute before, pack up..

  16. formaldehyde83 says

    This would be a very effective tip, but I couldn’t exactly pull that line on her, because we share a relatively small class… And I’d look kinda like a mook pointing out the obvious by saying, “We’re in the same class together!”

    I’m pretty interested in this girl, but I don’t know how to start a conversation. I get no opportunities outside of class, and I don’t want to just start sitting by her, that might come off as creepy…

    I don’t know, girls are tricky man…

  17. adolescent900 says

    What if she walks too fast? When class is over, she’s out and I’m still packing my books..
    Professor doesn’t like when anyone talks so I was thinking maybe passing a note back and forth since she sits right next to me.

  18. but what if she is allways with her friends?

  19. wnxsparkman1 says

    i tryed both participating and not participating but nothing work what else should i try

  20. wnxsparkman1 says

    i’m with you there i’m shy too trying to talk to them

  21. RayRayaGoGo says

    So i love the accent.
    Very Very sexy 😉

  22. Cruisefuckinkalem says

    on the other hand, most women wants to be pursued (NOT CHASED) as a guy you have to show that you’re interested in a discreet way, but yes i agree that you shouldnt just jump on her xD

  23. Cruisefuckinkalem says

    “at least I have a good personality and i’m good looking.” hahahahaha.. good looking persons are not shy. thats a law of nature.

  24. boanerges90 says

    same here…

  25. excellent

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