How to add a web url to google search engine

You don’t add it to google!

You add your link to Linky Love and then site down and wait 3 days and tadaa: the Google spiders find your link here and add it to Google. How easy is that?

Add url Google

An example why you should add your link to Linky Love to rank in Google?

Take our new site Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape:

  1. I started my first Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape page at July 17.
  2. Same day I added a link to Gwen Stefani at Linky Love’s: How to make money with a niche site
  3. I sit back and wait……
  4. Sunday 4 days later: I am in Google already 🙂
    gwen stefani sweet escape
  5. And Google cache tells me they found Gwen Stefani at the exact day of launching her website: July 17!
    gwen stefani the sweet escape

Add your link

That’s why you need to add your link to Linky Love:

  • for new sites: to get into Google fast
  • for established sites: to rank even higher in Google

How to add your link?

  1. You get a FREE backlink in return for your review about Linky Love!
  2. Read how you can be featured as Blog of the Day
  3. Ask your Free Favicon to Join the favicon matrix!


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