How Tammy Nyp can make money on the Internet

Watch the full story about Tammy Nyp‘s uncensored video to get "the full picture"…

Below we give an example how some people monetize other’s people bad fortune… the hard way!

I agree: it’s evil, yet:

sending people to Iraq
where for the same amount of money you could have provided
every US citizen complete healthcare coverage for the next 7 years
is even more evil!

Tammy Nyp download

Apart from getting famous (for the wrong reasons), Tammy Nyp didn’t monetize her notorious Tammy Nyp porn video, yet others did!

you don’t need to re-invent the wheel,
you just need to make it better.

    The "problem" with the Tammy Nyp download was:

    • it was hard to find (for some people)
    • the video format was not that easy to play on "your regular software"

    The "solution" was:

    • selling the videos with a video player

Provide a solution for people’s problems and you make money on the Internet. An evil way is to create problems for people first and then provide them the solution…

So somebody started selling the tammy nyp video download like so:

tammy nyp download

Tammy Nyp Download for sale

With the following advertising text:

Tammy, a cheerleader from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), gave head (and a lot more daring positions in later videos) to her boyfriend in a home-made Internet video. Apparently, an arch enemy of hers sneaked away with her handphone and spread the video to other NYP students.

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This package also comes with a valuable video player that plays more than 27 different video and audio formats! Order your package now for just $19.97.

tammy nyp download

Tammy Nyp Download for $19.97 included video player

How to make money on the Internet

Even with the best solution available: you can only sell it when people find it!

The website above is quite clear on how they made sure Tammy Nyp could be found…

Look at the first picture left top in blue: apart from Tammy Nyp you see the SEO Elite software in order to rank high in search engines.

SEO Elite is "the Grand Daddy" of all Seo Software:

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So if you want to make money online you need 2 things:

  • a solution for people’s problems
  • a place where people can find your solution

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