How Sinful is Saiful’s Sodomy?

saiful anwar sodomy 2If you have never heard of sodomized Saiful, let’s strip Malaysian politics to its core and give you an update.

Nothing much can be said about Malaysian politics, as in the 50 years of the same political party being in power, the country didn’t evolve an inch forward. much different than its neighbor Singapore – the SI in MalaySIa – that got kicked out of Malaysia without any resources and meanwhile became a developed country.

So how come Malaysia isn’t developed yet? Well, it’s all about politics and how the money is used: for the love of the people, for the love of the politicians or for the love of bad taste, like the Saiful Sodomy case which the ruling party calls the Anwar Sodomy 2 case.

The case is as follows:

  • Saiful claims to be raped and sodomized by Anwar.
  • Saiful changes his mind and says he was sodomized by Anwar in mutual consent.
  • And yesterday in court Saiful said he was ordered to be raped, since he didn’t like it an inch (doesn’t matter how many inches when you don’t like it…)

What is clear is that Saiful is sodomized. He clearly states he has no mind of his own and can’t remember what he said yesterday to be the truth and nothing but the truth. The only question now is: who sodomized Saiful’s brain to be so sick like it is today?

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